Monday Box Office Report – You totally can't recall a dark knight

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A couple of new releases arrived this week, eager to take on the caped crusader and claim top honours at the box office. Unfortunately for director Lens Wiseman, the Total Recall reboot failed to dethrone the current, brooding champ, as it’s attempt to capture ticket sales glory fizzled out before the weekend was over.

Here’s a look at who made what in the American markets this past weekend.

  • The Dark Knight Rises – $36.4 Million
  • Total Recall – $26 Million
  • Diary of a wimpy kid: Dog days – $14.7 Million
  • Ice Age 4: Continental drift – $8.4 Million
  • The Watch – $6,3 Million
  • Ted – $5.4 Million
  • Step Up: Revolution – $5.3 Million
  • The Amazing Spider-Man – $4.3 Million
  • Brave – $2.8 Million
  • Magic Mike – $1.3 Million

Batman still reigns supreme, having clocked over $730 million so far, making it a high possibility that the franchise will end it’s run at around the billion dollar mark. The Watch and Ice age slid down a few spots, making way for Total Recall and the latest Wimpy Diary film, while Moonrise Kingdom and The Savages bowed out of the top ten.

Twenty years ago however, the box office was far more diverse, with Clint Eastwood holding the number one reigns in his final western flick, Unforgiven, while the first of many, many horrible juvenile films starring children attacking adults with the grace of a mentally deficient goat, 3 Ninjas, made a debut at number 4 back in 1992.

Last Updated: August 6, 2012

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