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More Huntsman, no Snow, as Kristen Stewart gets the spin-off finger

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Snow White and the Huntsman made some considerable cash at the box office during the course of its run, grossing close to $400 million. That’s more than double the budget of the flick, and with those kinds of numbers, a sequel was inevitable.

What wasn’t inevitable though, was finding out that ol’ Stoney face herself, Kristen Stewart, would be getting the axe from it. Heh, I made two funnies.

Universal has decided to feed Kristen that poisoned spin-off apple, as they refocus the next film to star Chris Hemsworth and that big hunting axe of his.

The reason why? Some say it’s because of Stewart sharing a bed with the film director, Rupert Sanders, while others claim that ditching Stewart and giving the spotlight to Hemsworth will save quite a few millions, thanks to Stewart having a rather exorbitant salary that would need to be met for the sequel.

THR says that Sanders will most likely return for a sequel, although it won’t be with screenwriter David Koepp. Universal is currently looking for a new writer, and wants to start shooting next year June, when Hemsworth has an open spot in his busy schedule.

Last Updated: August 15, 2012

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