Move over Sharknado, here comes GHOST SHARK

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ghost shark

It may not have been a ratings success, but its safe to say that Sharknado will be a cult hit, much like films Sharktopus and Snakes on a train became when word of mouth increased for the toothy project. With that being said, the SyFy channel is more than willing to pump some more cash into keeping B-grade horror flicks on the airwaves.

So how do you top a tornado filled with carnivores? Easy, you kill ’em all and bring one back as a Ghost Shark.

Starring Mackenzie “Seventh Heaven” Rosman, Ghost Shark deals with a, er, um Ghost Shark. And that’s about all you need to know really. SyFy has releases a sneak clip of the soon to be sold in PnP DVD. Who you gonna call? Someone else! Ghost Shark will be haunting the airwaves in August.


Last Updated: July 17, 2013

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