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Nathan Fillion says he wouldn't play ANT-MAN. He might be willing to go into UNCHARTED territory though

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Ah, Nathan Fillion. Say it ain’t so.

The fan favourite actor has long been linked, albeit through nothing but the geek equivalent of wishing on a falling star, with the lead role of Hank Pym in Marvel and Edgar Wright’s long in development Ant-Man film. But GeekTyrant caught up with him at Hero Complex, where a viewing of Joss Whedon’s Serenity – in which Fillion played the lead, Capt. Mal Reynolds – was underway, and Fillion unfortunately put a definitive stop to the rumours once and for all.

According to the naturally charming leading man, the character was really just not something that appealed to him at all.

“…did you ever just love Ant-Man? (Dramatic pause)… Not me. (We all laugh)”

Being Nathan Fillion aka awesome, he then proceeded to hilariously pantomime a whole section of him leading an army of ants, ending with him picking said ants and then spitting them out of his mouth, to much laughter from the audience.

And while this may just have punched the geek-wind out of some stomachs, take some comfort in the fact that Fillion would definitely be interested in playing a different fan-favourite character: Treasure hunter Nathan Drake from the Uncharted series of games.

“That would be great, because everyone wants their own Indiana Jones movie.”

This is something that a number of fans (even our sister site, Lazygamer) have been calling for since it was originally announced that a film adaptation may be on the cards. Fillion is such a perfect fit for Drake, physically and attitude-wise, that many believe that the game’s developers, Naughty Dog, actually modelled the character after him. And since the news last June that Neil Burger (Limitless) was now looking to write and direct the project, ditching the completely bone-headed direction previous project-helmer David O. Russel (he wanted to make it a family drama with “Marky-Mark” in the lead) wanted to take the film into, it seems like the perfect time for Fillion to be given the casting call.

However, as much he may wish to play the character, Fillion is aware of the reality of the situation and added this caveat:

“If I were making that movie, I wouldn’t get me to do it. Do I want to be in it? Yes!”

What he meant by that, as he went on to explain, is that Hollywood execs are generally all about da benjamins when it comes to greenlighting movies, and Fillion, despite his ridiculously huge mountain of geek street cred and having headlined a successful TV show, Castle, for the last 5 years, is simply not a big box-office draw.

Then again, his long time collaborator Joss Whedon was also nothing but a geek community idol, whose single previous feature film – the same film Fillion starred in – failed to make any big money at the box-office, and today… Well, today he finds himself as nothing short of the Ginger King of Hollywood.

Last Updated: May 22, 2012

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  1. Jim Lenoir

    May 22, 2012 at 14:57

    He’d actually be a pretty cool Ant-man.


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