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Neil Blomkamp released concept art for a secret ALIEN movie he was working on

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Film geeks love fantasizing about those “what if” moments, where a particular filmmaker never made their vision of a film. Sometimes this is a good thing (Tim Burton and Nicolas Cage’s Superman Lives!, come on down!), but most times we’re left wondering about and yearning for what could have been. District 9 director and ex-local boytjie Neil Blomkamp is certainly no stranger to these “What if” scenarios as he spent years developing a live-action adaptation of popular video-game Halo before publisher Microsoft pulled the plug, breaking the hearts of countless fans all over the world. And now he’s doing it again. The bastard.

If you’re a fan of the Alien franchise and don’t particularly like how the films turned out, especially the ones following on from Ridley Scott’s original and the brilliantly actiony James Cameron directed sequel Aliens, well then you may want to hold onto your egg sacs as Blomkamp revealed on Instagram/Twitter (via CBM) that he had actually been developing a new Alien movie in secret. What’s more, he’s unveiled a slew of concept art for the project. Now before you go hugging faces, note that this was apparently something he had been doing in his personal capacity, more than likely to be used as a pitch to the studio.

Was working on this. Don’t think I am anymore. Love it though. #alien #xenomorph

Une photo publiée par Brownsnout (@neillblomkamp) le

Woulda rocked. Was a mental stroll into the world Ridley Scott created. A photo posted by Brownsnout (@neillblomkamp) on


A photo posted by Brownsnout (@neillblomkamp) on

#ripley #hicks A photo posted by Brownsnout (@neillblomkamp) on

#weyland corp

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Awesome Art by Geoffroy Thoorens #hicks

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And Doug Williams – maybe I’ll go back to it ….love the world

A photo posted by Brownsnout (@neillblomkamp) on

But what would  this movie have been about? Well, based on the hints we see here, this would be some kind of reboot, probably taking place straight after Aliens, essentially retconning David Fincher’s Alien 3 and the Joss Whedon scripted Alien Resurrection out of continuity. At the end of Aliens, Ripley (Sigourney Weaver), Hicks (Michael Biehn) and Newt are in suspended animation, floating through space back to the Earth, but at the start of Alien 3, Hicks and Newt were dead, killed off-screen. This is something that didn’t sit well with lots of fans, and it may be that Blomkamp can be counted in that number as his vision seemingly reunites Ripley and a battle-damaged Hicks. It appears that the two would be taking the fight straight to Weyland, the corporation that manipulated events so that they could study the Xenomorph alien. Somewhere along the lines, Ripley would apparently also be merged with one of the Space Pilot suits glimpsed in Ridley Scott’s original Alien, and which featured so heavily in his sorta-prequel Prometheus.

Whatever the pitch was, this seems incredibly intriguing. And based on the mixed response that Prometheus received – and the fact that Scott is taking his own time getting to the promised sequel – I’m sure that many folks will look at that teasing “maybe I’ll go back to it…. love the world” and start crossing fingers, toes and any other semi-flexible appendages that this does happen. Scott has far too much Hollywood clout for me to see Fox derailing his work to tap Blomkamp instead, but one can hope.

Last Updated: January 5, 2015


  1. Having not seen District 9 I am going to go out on a limb here and say, if it helps to get this movie made, I would… Dunno what I’d do but the artwork here does look impressive. And Hicks? The guy looks epic!
    Also if Alien 3 and Alien Ressurection did not happen? Bonus!


    • Kervyn Cloete

      January 5, 2015 at 17:18

      “You haven’t seen District 9?! OMGWTFBBQ!!” hate incoming in 3…. 2…. 1…..


      • Dutch Matrix

        January 6, 2015 at 08:50

        I know right? But see, here’s the thing.
        Aliens land in South Africa. And what is the first thing we do? Put them in shacks in Alex. Is South Africa really only useful for some or other form of Apartheid?
        Then there is Sharlto’s accent he used. It sounds like some Afrikaans men trying to speak English. You must have heard it before in real life. Like this one guy I heard in Cash Crusaders trying to reprimand his workers:
        “You must not look TV. You must help customerrrrs.”


        • Uberutang

          January 6, 2015 at 10:14

          All those things make D9 brilliant. In the movie he is a typical 1980’s style white Afrikaner trying to speak English very deliciously. Do yourself the favour and go watch it. Impossible to not like D9, esp for Saffas.


    • LJFCAT

      July 25, 2015 at 23:57

      Alien 3 was awesome. Loved that the second movie ending in the traditional family dynamic was swept away by the third. Made it different, and added more dimensions to Ripley (a woman who wants to get laid being portrayed in a way that feels natural? Get out!)… but no, we MUST set things right and have our little family back!… f*ck that.

      Responses, however nasty, are fine, as I almost never come back… fire at will…! 😀 😀 😀


  2. Skyblue

    January 5, 2015 at 21:26

    Aaaaargh, I feel like someone just explained what Xmas was all about and then proceeded to tell me that Santa Claus is not real… NOT COOL Kervyn, NOT COOL


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