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Neil Gaiman's HANSEL & GRETEL hitting screens

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It’s only being released in the US in October, but the movie rights to acclaimed author/comic book writer Neil Gaiman’s upcoming graphic novel based on the classic fairy tale Hansel & Gretel have already been snapped up, according to a new report from Variety. This follows hot on the heels of the recent announcement that his novel American Gods (and most likely including its follow-up Anansi Boys) is being adapted for television, and the previously reported adaption of the Sandman series of graphic novels that are in the hands Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

The upcoming graphic novel, illustrated in stark monochrome by Lorenzo Mattotti, is said to be “a stunning book capturing the terror and longing found in the classic fairy tale: at once as familiar as a dream and as evocative as a nightmare”.

Producer Juliet Blake, curator of special projects for TED Talks and former senior executive at National Geographic and president of Jim Hansen Television, has optioned the movie rights. This is the second project Blake’s picked up before publication after optioning the rights to Richard C. Morais’ novel The Hundred Foot Journey, the movie version of which will be released in the US on 9 October.

A live-action feature film adaption of Gaiman’s graphic novel is currently being proposed, while no directors, actors or screenwriters are yet attached to the project.

According to Gaiman himself, “I’m thrilled and delighted to be working with Juliet Blake to bring Hansel and Gretel to the world again, and to show people how much this story has to say to us. For me, retelling Hansel and Gretel was a way of telling an old tale in a way that made it immediate and true, and about us, now. It reminds us of how paper thin civilization really is. It’s about hunger, and about families.”

This news tempts me to run around the corner to buy a gingerbread man, messily snap off limbs leaving crumbs everywhere, and then sending the pictures to Nick. Mwuahahaha!

Last Updated: September 5, 2014

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