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Neill Blomkamp had to tweak ALIEN 5 because of PROMETHEUS 2

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I don’t envy director Neill Blomkamp right now. Hitting Hollywood hard with District 9, the helmer has had two flops since then in the form of Elysium and Chappie. Now, with his his plans for a fifth Alien film he’s got to juggle not only some high fan expectations, but a franchise that hasn’t seen a proper sequel for close to twenty years now.


But Blomkamp isn’t exactly scared, nor is he afraid to voice his opinion on the polarizing third and fourth movies in the franchise, which he considered ditching at one point. While those films are still considered canon, don’t expect them to be heavily referenced. In a recent interview with Empire [via The Playlist], he once again made it clear that he has no love for those films:

“Where it went after ‘Aliens’ to me, as a fan, was wrong,” he says adding, “There’s a shitload missing as a fan that I would want to see.”

Kettle, meet pot. Whatever story Blomkamp does come up with though, he’ll have to figure out where to fit the Prometheus prequels in. As Blomkamp told Empire, “I changed the one thing [Ridley Scott] felt was bumping [the] ‘Prometheus’ [sequel] a little bit.” He also revealed that Alien 5 will of course not be called Alien 5 and that the title is “quite bold,” but wouldn’t reveal what it was as he said “it gives away too much if I say the title.”

It’s obviously “Prometheus 2: How to outrun a crashing Space Jockey ship properly.”.

Last Updated: March 24, 2015

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