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Netflix Casts Marvel's JESSICA JONES and Possibly LUKE CAGE

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While it’s still to be officially confirmed by Marvel or Netflix, Deadline is reporting that two leads for Netflix’s upcoming street-level hero series have been tapped. Krysten Ritter (Breaking Bad, Don’t Trust The Bitch In Apartment 23) has won out over Teresa Palmer (I Am Number Four) following chemistry reads with… Mike Colter (The Good Wife, Halo: Nightfall).


Jessica Jones is the second Netflix series set for release (in 2015) following Daredevil and will consist of 13 episodes. Luke Cage is rumoured to have a significant presence in the back half of the series, so presumably his solo series will be the third. I assume that will then lead us into the series featuring Luke Cage’s long-time partner – Iron Fist.

Jessica Jones herself is a former superhero known at various times as Jewel, Knightress or… Power Woman (convenient seeing as Luke Cage is Power Man). However following a long period of being mind-controlled by Daredevil foe The Purple Man and suffering from PTSD, she hangs up the cape and spandex to open a detective agency; where she assists ordinary people and occasionally other superheroes. I’m guessing at some point she’s going to need a good lawyer, Matt Murdock anyone?

Personally I quite like this casting as Ritter’s proven she can do drama, comedy and broken – anyone remember the TV series Gravity? Now we get to see her flex some muscles in a bit of action too. Colter has a pure physical presence required for a character like Luke Cage and comes with bucket loads of charisma – possibly even enough to pull off a steel tiara. Are you happy with these choices?

Last Updated: December 8, 2014

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  1. Mike Colter is my first choice for the role!


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