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Netflix renews Adam Sandler’s contract for another four films

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Love him or hate him, it seems the world can’t get enough of him. Adam Sandler might be one of the most hated actors by critics, but you can’t deny that the man is one of the most successful movie producers of our time and is able to turn seemingly every project he touches into some form of financial success. And while the man hasn’t graced the actual box office in a while because of his current contract with Netflix, it appears he is proving massively popular there too with last year’s Murder Mystery the most-watched movie on the platform. This despite the streaming service releasing some of the most critically adored films of the year.

So, given all this success it should come as no surprise that Netflix has once again extended their contract with Adam Sandler and his production company, Happy Madison Productions, for another four films. Sandler had initially signed a four-film deal with the streaming service that was then later extended in 2017 to feature another four films. It appears viewers and Netflix just can’t get enough of the man though and are now ordering four more (as reported in The Verge).

And this excludes the current Adam Sandler vehicle Uncut Gems that has just premiered on the streaming service which is co-produced by A24 and has nothing to do with Sandler’s own production company. That movie though is also the polar opposite of a typical Sandler film with the actor reportedly giving a lifetime career performance and also being in consideration for an Oscar nomination. The latter didn’t happen though so be warned as the actor had previously said he would release a deliberately bad film if he didn’t get nominated:

I’m going to f***ing come back and do one again that is so bad on purpose just to make you all pay. That’s how I get them

No details on what those movies are but expect more of the same low-brow comedies that make critics cringe and the audiences laugh. Netflix might try to grow the quality of their movies, but perhaps the only way they can afford to do so is to keep Adam Sandler making movies and keep people glued to the streaming service.

Last Updated: February 3, 2020

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