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Some Netflix original movies and series will be free for non-subscribers

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Ask any Netflix subscriber, and they’ll tell you that there is a wealth of original content that the streaming service has to offer. Not every series or movie that Netflix produces is must-see quality, but they’re still providing enough entertainment to justify their modest monthly subscription fee – especially when compared to their competitors.

Netflix is looking to make some of its content free to non-subscribers, as it tries to increase its foothold in an increasingly competitive environment. Even though Netflix offers a trial period in many of its regions, the streaming platform is aware that many people may still not be convinced to commit to a monthly subscription.

The company has announced (as reported in /Film) that popular films like The Two Popes, Bird Box, and more will be available for everyone to stream, along with certain shows like Stranger Things, Love Is Blind, and When They See Us. With regards to series, Netflix is clearly playing the marketing game as it will only have the first episodes available, tempting people to want to subscribe to see the rest of the episodes. The streaming service will be rotating which shows and movies it makes available for free, and so encourages people to check in regularly to see what’s available  

With increased competition from HBO Max, Disney+ and Apple TV+ along with regulars challengers Amazon and Hulu (and locally Showmax), it only makes sense that Netflix is trying to promote their original content. Even if you are taking a non-subscription stance, you’ll still get to enjoy some great movies that you would otherwise not have been able to view.

Last Updated: September 1, 2020

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