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New Avengers TV spot give us first real look at Loki's army, and who I think they could be!

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You would think that with all the marketing Marvel is doing for the Avengers that there would actually not be a single unseen scene left in the movie. On closer inspection though, you realize that they have actually been cleverly avoiding any real story elements in all the promos. One aspect of that story that has remained clouded in mystery the most is exactly who/what is the army that has arch-villain Loki’s back in this epic playground brawl.

Well, in this latest TV spot for the highly anticipated superhero film, we finally get our first clear – albeit incredibly brief – look at the villains. Thank Xenu for screen captures, I guess.


And for those of  you that haven’t developed those keen powers of observation from years of pixel hunting in point and click adventure games as I have, here’s a handy screen capture of that half a second revelation. (Click for a larger version):

Now up until now, we’ve heard all kinds of stories as to who/what these alien villains could or could not be, and after the Skrulls were explicitly ruled out, most assumed that Loki would be turning to his distant Asgardian relatives, the Ice Giants. That is no Ice Giant. So what could they be?

Geekdom has been positively aflutter as to who they could be: Sons of MuspellBadoon? Korbinites? The Kardashians without makeup?

Well, I guess it’s time for me throw my hat into the ring with my bit of rampant speculation.


The chitinous armour and appearance remind me of one of Marvel’s alien races: The Annihilation Wave. The Wave was an army of creatures from the Negative Zone – an alternate universe discovered by Fantastic Four’s Reed Richards – who nearly took over the entire galaxy under the leadership of Annihilus. Annihilus was massively powerful by himself, but he was able to subjugate and control the wave through the use of the Cosmic Control Rod.

Now I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but in nearly all the promos material released thus far, Loki has suddenly begun sporting a glowing blue cane.

Unless he’s moonlighting as an interdimensional pimp (he certainly dresses the part), I have a feeling that he may have found the rod. At the end of Thor, he fell off the Rainbow Bridge – a passage between dimensions – so it’s not very far fetched that he could have ended up in the Negative Zone, found the rod, used it to take control of the locals and brought them back for some sweet revenge.

If this is true, the question of course would be: Where is Annihilus? Last time I checked, he’s not exactly the sharing type. He’s going to want his army and glowy stick back. And who better to setup as a villain for the inevitable Avengers 2 than a super strong insectoid overlord who was able to go toe to toe with Galactus – you know, the Eater of Worlds! – and still live to talk about it?

Last Updated: April 3, 2012

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