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New Doctor Who episodes to be fast-tracked locally

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Seeing as how no one here complains about a bit of Doctor Who news, here’ some good information for once, regarding that very British brand. While the series has its fair share of fans locally, seeing the latest episodes of Matt Smith and co is usually something of a hassle, with more nefarious means needed to access that content.

After all, does anyone actually enjoy Come dine with me, especially when it’s been repeated in dead horse territory? Well good news indeed then, because we’ll be getting the remainder of the seventh season of Doctor Who episodes sooner than expected. Much, much sooner.

New  Doctor Who episodes to be fast-tracked locally 2

Alongside Poland, South Africa will get to see new episodes of bow ties made to look cool a day after episodes are shown in the UK, according to BBC Worldwide via DoctorWhoNews.net. With eight episodes left to go, we’ll be able to start watching them from Sunday March 31 at 7PM, while our Polish bretheren get to see them from 6PM.

Jon Farrar, the vice-president of programming for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa at BBC Worldwide Channels, said about the updated schedule:

It’s a very important part of our programming strategy to bring our acquired content to air as close to its UK transmission as possible. Doctor Who is a hugely popular programme and I’m delighted we are able to bring the Doctor’s latest adventures to Polish and South African audiences just one day after the UK premiere transmission.

With the Ponds gone, and a mysterious new twice-dead companion by his side, things are starting to heat up once again for the Doctor. The universe may have had all knowledge of the Time Lord stripped away to the point where he is considered to be nothing more than a myth, but something is clearly happening behind the scenes. And for once, we’ll be seeing it on time.

If the BBC can make the effort to get the episodes to us sooner than usual, then it’s worth the effort of waiting a day to watch and support them.

Last Updated: February 18, 2013

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