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This new featurette for LUKE CAGE is just getting started

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Luke Cage

I can go on and talk a lot about how highly anticipated the new Luke Cage series is. But you all already know that and so there is no point in labouring the point. The last clip release about Luke Cage didn’t really help us to get a feel of what we can expect when the show is launched on September 30th on Netflix. However, this newly released featurette will give you that information that you have been looking for:

I love what I see from the fight scenes in the series from this trailer. And the emphasis on Luke Cage kicking butt, because that’s really what the series is all about. Yes, the character has some string personal issues, a hurtful past and there are other characters that he gets to interact with as well. But, as long as the fighting scenes look this good, I’m in. It does make you wonder how they plan to stretch it the series out when him walking around and beating people up looks so easy.

They emphasize a lot about how grounded they want to make the series, though any bullet-proof person who can walk around bulldozing people does not appear too grounded. At least, he doesn’t wear silly costumes I guess and has to deal with more real people issues like the rest of us.

The series will see Mike Colter play the titular super-hero and Mahershala Ali as the main bad guy, Cornell Stokes. The series also stars Rosario Dawson. These will be other villains introduced over the course of the 13-episode series. Don’t expect them to last too long against Luke Cage though.

Last Updated: September 22, 2016

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