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The new Matrix movie could be a young Morpheus spin-off starring Michael B. Jordan

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Somebody had to teach Neo Kung Fu (the painful way). Somebody had to teach you to not pay attention to the woman in the red dress and how rewrite the code of reality so that martial arts could be performed effortlessly while wearing the tightest of leather pants. But who was Morpheus before The Matrix? That’s the question that Warner Bros. wants to answer, as their newest stab at the trilogy that taught me to never trust a PC (including this one guys I think it’s watching me please send help) won’t be a reboot or a remake after all.

Originally portrayed by Laurence Fishburne in the original trilogy, Morpheus was the captain of the Nebuchadnezzar ship, a devout believer in the prophecy of The One and a bit of an outcast within Zion’s higher echelons. Hell, that’s the origin story that I want to see played out. According to BirthMoviesDeath the idea of a Matrix prequel is high on their agenda, with Michael B. Jordan being courted to suit up as Morpheus before he got wise to the fact that he was just a mere battery in flesh for his robot overlords:

According to two independent sources we’ve spoken with, one idea that’s gained a lot of support is a prequel film starring Michael B. Jordan as a young Morpheus.

It’s one of several ideas being floated around at the moment, but one that I’d dig to see explored. Mostly because a Morpheus origin story would be fertile ground for a back to basics approach for the Matrix. A direction that would rely more on the ground and camera-breaking martial arts of the original film and less on the uncanny valley CGI armies that plagued the sequels.

A Matrix continuation that combines mystery and purpose with ass-kicking? That’s the Matrix that I want to believe in, as seeing a young Morpheus awakened to the real world around him and watch him become the man of legend within those digital confines sounds like one hell of a spin-off. I don’t think The Matrix needs a reboot right now, as the core appeal of the first film was a mystery that nobody saw coming. With the cat out of that bag, it’s hard to find that lightning again.

Movies which explore the foundations of that universe however? More of that please. Hell, give me a sequel to the Animatrix even and I’ll be ready to plug back in.

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Last Updated: March 22, 2017

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