New Prometheus photo thickens the plot

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A recently released promo photo of Noomi Rapace in much anticipated sci fi extravaganza, Prometheus, seemed like pretty standard fare at first glance. But just as we  recently discussed, these promo pieces all seem to be more than what first meets the eye. This is the originally released pic:

Pretty normal, right? But look closely, and you’ll notice two ominous figures just standing in the background. Fan Jay West also spotted those figures, and after brightening the pic up a bit, posted this to his Facebook page:

Now if those aren’t the fabled Space Jockeys, then I’m the Queen of England. And last time I checked, not only am I not a fan of small yappy dogs, but I also actually serve a function in modern society.

So what does this mean? Well either those are eerily life-like statues or those are space suits. If the latter, that would go a long way to confirm the hypothesis that the visage of the Space Jockey that we’re familiar with is nothing but their exo-suits, and that we haven’t seen their true form yet.

Last Updated: January 16, 2012

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