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New set pics show a bloody Matt Damon in the THE BOURNE IDENTITY 5

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2007’s The Bourne Ultimatum was the last time that we saw Matt Damon as Jason Bourne and the franchise has been lacking since (sorry, Jeremy Renner and The Bourne Legacy). So when I first heard that Damon will be making a return to the role of the famed amnesiac spy turned enemy of the state, the universe just started to make sense again.

Damon initially said that he would only ever return to the character if director Paul Greengrass came back, and they had a story they both wanted to work on. Well, clearly Greengrass is back and has provided Damon with a script that he deems worthy. Damon revealed that the script, co-written by Greengrass and Christopher Rouse (Captain Phillips), is set in a “post-Snowden” world and will be shot all throughout Europe, with the shoot ending in Las Vegas.

The Bourne Ultimatum movie image Matt Damon Paul Greengrass

Now there hasn’t been too many details revealed on the story but Damon has confirmed in September that Bourne does have his memory back, but he still doesn’t know everything about his past. Hmmm… Interesting. And that’s actually all we have on the plot, but we at least know that the movie will keeping up it’s European setting promise, as some set pics from the film’s German shoot has popped up online (ComingSoon) to get you amped up for the return of Bourne:




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While it has no official title as yet, Universal have set a release date for Bourne 5 for July 29, 2016

Last Updated: November 26, 2015

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