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New Tenet trailer explains what “time inversion” is all about

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Christopher Nolan’s movies always tend to be epic and ambitious, but his latest film Tenet is set to be an even bolder journey than ever before if that’s even possible. Tenet is built around the concept of “time inversion” rather than time travel, and looks set to feature some incredible visual effects as events appear to move forward and reverse around the different characters experiencing them.

What exactly is “time inversion”? It’s one of those concepts that are not immediately clear and probably one that we will have to wait for the film to explain before we can understand it. A wait that is going to be incredibly frustrating, with the movie set to release in several international markets later on this month and the US in September, but no plans for South Africa are in place just yet.

Thankfully, Nolan has released a short trailer for the film tailored for Chinese audiences, where he explains a little more about what “time inversion” really is and how we can expect it to be used in Tenet:

The biggest takeaway from this is that it’s the people (like John David Washington’s Protagonist) who are inverted, but the world they inhabit is not. This can be illustrated by how the puddle of water reacts to the Protagonist’s foot as he walks across the ground. Confused?

Join the club.

It was apparently a concept that confused even the actors involved, so I guess we have it easy. Imagine needing to go through a scene that doesn’t really make sense to you at all. Perhaps something which is not unusual for Christopher Nolan movies and something actors need to grasp when they star in one of his strange and surreal projects.  

A host of new posters were also released for the film via JoBlo, which only adds to the mystery of exactly of Tenet:

Tenet is easily the most ambitious and highly anticipated film of the year for me, with its biggest drawback being that its $200 million budget is going to find difficulty in drawing in the kind of money it deserves in the middle of a pandemic. If the final product is as good as it all looks, people will find a way to support it regardless and Nolan can invert himself into another film project based on fringe science.

Last Updated: August 13, 2020

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