New trailer for Clive Owen's Intruders looks real creepy

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If there’s one thing that films have taught me, it’s that when it comes to all things that go bump in the night, children are always correct.

If I should have a child one day and he tells me that there is a monster in his room trying to steal his face, I won’t try to calm him down and tell him it’s his imagination. I will grab him, run outside, burn down the house, douse it with holy water and then go live inside a church. In Tibet.

You can never be too sure with these face-stealers, as Clive Owen finds out in Intruders.


Ok let’s just get this out there. I’m not a big fan of horror films. Not because I scare easily, but rather just the opposite. I respond to most horror films the same way I respond to documentaries about stamp collection.

However, when you have Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (28 Weeks Later) in the director’s chair, then you can bet your jumpy bottom that I’m looking forward to it. The man knows how to do true horror without relying on campy B-grade trickery.

The film looks like it could be real creepy. Hell, the poster alone is reason enough for some serious bladder control issues.

Here’s the official synopsis for the film:

Though no one can see him, Hollow Face lurks in the corners, desperately desiring love but only knowing how to spread fear and hate. He creeps into the life of John Farrow (Clive Owen) after Farrow’s beloved 13-year-old daughter Mia (Ella Purnell) is assaulted in their home. The line between the real and the imaginary blurs as fissures start to open within the family unit. It seems that no security measure can keep Hollow Face out.

Last Updated: February 16, 2012

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