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This new trailer for STAR WARS REBELS season 3 has studied the art of war

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Longtime fan-favourite literary character Grand Admiral Thrawn is set to finally make his onscreen debut in the upcoming third season of Star Wars Rebels. To say that I’m just a little excited for this introduction is like saying that Nick is a just “a little” orange. Rebels just continuously built from strength to strength in the animated show’s first two seasons, and if Thrawn is even half as impressive a figure as he was in the now defunct Star Wars Expanded Universe novels, then this new season may just be its best yet.

And thanks to a new trailer, we now have a brand new look at just how Thrawn will soon be upending the lives of our rebel crew of the Ghost.

Having established a secret base on Atollon, the Ghost crew, now led by a more powerful Ezra, strengthens the rebel fleet by acquiring new resources and recruits eager to stand against the Empire. However, the Imperial efforts to eliminate the rebellion are now being led by the coldly analytical Grand Admiral Thrawn, whose strategic, tactical and cultural insights make him a threat unlike any they have faced before. In season three, Ezra and Sabine take on new roles and challenges as the rebels prepare for their biggest mission yet – a direct assault on the Empire.

Season 3 of Star Wars Rebels is set to premieres on September 24, 2016.

Last Updated: September 6, 2016

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