No, BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE isn't being split into two movies

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Batman. Superman. These two heroes are the biggest guns that Warner Bros and DC Comics have in their arsenal when it comes to moving asses into cinema seats. But in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Judge Judy, the titanic team-up is leading to a flick that will be crawling with Justice League appearances, from Wonder Woman to Aquaman.

That’s most likely going to result in a massive film. A film so massive, that it’s been rumoured that WB is getting ready to don a top hat and saw that bastard in half. That’s a rumour that’s complete nonsense though. It all started when this image was leaked to the net on Imgur supposedly revealing Part 1: Enter The Knight and Part 2: Dawn Of Justice (via BleedingCool):


But that is more than likely a clever attempt to sell a domain name (seen in the image). A domain name that Warner Bros doesn’t own. Then you’ve got to factor in that Warner Bros already announced their plans for their upcoming hero movies, and splitting Batman v Superman over two flicks would have been revealed then already. But most importantly, you’ve got Superman himself rubbishing the rumours.

Variety’s New York Film Editor Ramin Setoodeh asked Henry Cavill about the supposed split, capturing the results in a series of tweets below:

Done and done then. Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice is out next year. And only next year. Be strong guys, be strong.

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Last Updated: January 12, 2015

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