No more good nights in this trailer for GOODNIGHT MOMMY

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You know what? I love horror movies. No, that isn’t right. I love GOOD horror movies, none of this Hollywood Poltergeist remake 3D rubbish. Don’t get me wrong, Hollywood has made some damn fine horror movies, like the original aforementioned Poltergeist but for every Shining there are twenty other Jessabelles out there.

So let’s turn to Austria for a moment and the (apparently) messed up geniuses of Veronika Franz and Severin Fiala, directors of the bloody terrifying Goodnight Mommy. Of course I am basing that on the trailer alone. You don’t believe me? Fine. I warned you. Like, seriously. If you are at home alone now, like Trevor most nights, lock the doors. If you have children, in particular twins, cast them outside, preferably down into a mine, and then concrete it up. Have fun…

Yes. That just happened, and I am ecstatic about it. Often trailers for horror movies show the best parts, but from internet chatter the movie sounds like it’ll creep you the hell out. Apparently it was very difficult finding the two ten-year-old twins in a country of only 8.5 million but I think they hit the nail on the head(s) with Elias Schwarz and brother Lukas Schwarz. What’s even more freaky is their characters share the same names… Good luck to those parents. It also stars Susanne Wuest as The Mother who has just undergone reconstructive face surgery… I’m shivering after just reading those last two sentences…

Expect adoption rates to soar 20 September when the movie is released internationally. Not sure of a local release but when I know I’ll be sure to spare you the knowledge.

Last Updated: August 5, 2015

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