No one can help you in this first trailer for THE GREEN INFERNO

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You think of Eli Roth, and you immediately picture the guy who made torture porn a mainstream success thanks to his big hit film, Hostel. The Roth-meister is back with a new movie, the Green Inferno, and it looks as savage as possible thanks to a new trailer which shows as little gore as possible and instead takes advantage of more mental frights.

Idealistic Justine (Lorenza Izzo) joins a group of campus radicals on a mission to disrupt the illegal clear-cutting of a Peruvian jungle, which is endangering the tranquil lives of an isolated Amazonian tribe. Armed with good intentions and the power of their cellphone cameras, the group flies to Peru and seemingly succeeds in their mission. But the activists’ celebration quickly turns to tragedy when their plane crashes in the jungle — and they find themselves on the dinner menu of the very people they were trying to protect.

Well that was effectively scarring on the ol’ psyche. It’s a new Cannibal Holocaust on the cards for sure, but the lengths at which this movie went to in order to remain authentic might make the reality of the terror that much more brutal. The Green Inferno is out in September.



Last Updated: April 17, 2014

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