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There is no uncanny valley in new Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV videos

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Last week, I was blown away by how gorgeous Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV was looking. The screenshots were so impressive, and I was happily surprised to see how far along the CG-movie seemed to be. Now new trailers have surfaced (thanks DualShockers) showing off the Japanese voice acting, but I don’t care if I can’t understand what’s happening, I’m just watching the footage with my mouth agape.

Here is the first, short one.

And a second one that seems to repeat certain clips with and without backing music, but I don’t really mind because I’ll happily watch those sections again.

It hit me fully while watching Luna in that second video. I was trying to place the actress, trying to figure out where I might have seen her before in TV or movies. I had to remind myself that she isn’t a real person, she was created by the team at Square Enix who are developing Final Fantasy XV. Everything just looked so real.

Usually, there is the typical uncanny valley in CGI. Things that don’t quite line up properly, weird lighting quirks or funny animations that make us know we’re looking at something that’s animated and not a real person. But this… this is absolutely incredible. I am actually getting even more excited for Kingsglaive; I might have to watch it several times before the full game releases – I think it will help tide me over.

And it gives me so much hope for the future of gaming animations. If they can do this with a full CG movie, eventually the software and hardware will catch up to do this in games, right? We’re already getting so close to photorealism, it could be something that we’ll actually see all the time in future games. Naughty Dog is moving in that direction already, so a few more years could mean we finally see the end of the uncanny valley.

Last Updated: May 31, 2016

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