Not so old gems – Behold some real monster-acting in MEN IN SUITS

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When you’re making a movie, it’s a given fact that the limelight is going to fall on your stars, directors and producers. They’re going to get the lions share of that glory, leaving the rest of the cast to scramble for the leftovers. That’s why Gaffer boys have a lifespan equivalent to a May Fly.

But one crucial part of the crew that most people never ask about, let alone even think about? The guy inside the rubber suit. That’s because these guys do such a damn good job, that thinking there might be a man inside a suit escapes your mind. And the documentary Men in suits is finally going to give them some of that spotlight that they deserve.

I dig this kind of docuementary, because it shows just how tough it can be to walk around in a rubber suit and try to murder the face off of Captain Kirk. That’s hours and hours of sweat, pain and heat inside those suits, and as fantastic as our CGI looks today, it still can’t beat a talented physical actor inside all that latex.

The doccie is out now on Amazon. Suit up in your Godzilla outfit and heatstroke your way over to it.

Last Updated: October 15, 2013

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