Nothing can prepare you for this new trailer for Annabelle: Creation

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Who needs a movie when just staring at this creepy doll for five minutes is enough to fill you with terror?

There was a terrible horror film release back in 1998 called Bride of Chucky which tried to convince us that a human counterpart could make a suitable bride for a dark and twisted doll. The real bride of Chucky is probably this little creation and not only is she the perfect dose of evil for Chucky, but far creepier than even he could ever imagine.

The first Annabelle movie, a prequel to the brilliantly creepy The Conjuring, went a long way to proving that dolls aren’t exactly as cute as you think. This sequel, Annabelle: Creation, is out to prove that they are downright evil, as it introduces us to the origin story of the doll which, to be quite honest, looks creepy from the outset. How can you even buy a doll like that and not see it coming?

The second trailer for Annabelle: Creation has arrived and looks even creepier than the first one. The movie is directed by Lights Out director David F Sandberg and looks set to not just build on the same terror that James Wan introduced with The Conjuring films, but feature a lot of the strong jump scare tactics that Sandberg relied on in Lights Out.

Outside of clowns and dolls, there is nothing creepier than seeing kids possessed, so for me I think this could be one of the big horror movies to look for this year. It might not have much of a story, but then it doesn’t need to as you will be too frightened to think about it while you’re watching it.

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Annabelle: Creation, the fourth film in The Conjuring universe stars Talitha Bateman, Stephanie Sigman, Philippa Anne Coulthard, Lulu Wilson, Lou Lou Safran, Grace Fulton, Tayler Buck, Samara Lee and Anthony Lapaglia. We can expect it arriving on our shores in September this year. So you have several months to fill your mind with flowers, sunshine, and happy thoughts before this movie tries to take that all away.

Last Updated: June 23, 2017

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