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Nu Metro are upgrading their cinemas… Say hello to Scene and Auro

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As you may have surmised, I spend a lot of time in cinemas, and surprisingly, I still have not lost my will to live. I know though that a lot of people have not been as lucky (or thick-skinned) as I am, and due to increasingly more commonplace technical issues and unruly audiences, have chosen to just watch all their movies at home.

But the folks at Nu Metro have been busy upgrading, trying to offer folks a reason to get back into the cinema.

According to the press release I received last night, come the end of November 2013, the cinema chain will have replaced all 149 projectors in their various establishments, with brand new 100% digital projectors, ensuring the crispest displays possible. These projectors are being supplied by digital projection giant Barco, and as part of the upgrade package, they will also be fitting 3 cinemas with their new 3D surround sound system, called Auro, in January 2014.

Auro is an 11.1 “immersive sound” system that offers top class audio not only in the traditional surround sound layout of speakers in front, next to and behind you, but also 3 different layers of sound at different height intervals – including directly above you in the roof – to simulate natural 3D acoustics.

And the cinemas that will be getting this aural upgrade – 3 of only 150 in the world to boast it – will be Hyde Park Johannesburg, Pavilion in Durban and at the V & A Waterfront in Cape Town.

On top of this audio-visual level up, Nu Metro will also looking to improve their comfort factor by quite a bit, when they introduce Scene, a new “supreme luxury cinema and lounge” concept, at Nu Metro V&A and Pavillion. These cinemas will now boast their very own relaxing lounge for patrons to enjoy a drink or light meal, but more importantly, inside the cinema you’ll find “luxurious  fully reclining leather chairs, offering plenty of space to watch your movie in ultimate comfort“.

While having something to nibble and sip on outside the cinema is not such a big deal to me, as a gentleman of a larger than normal stature, I could certainly do with some luxurious seating arrangements.

There’s been no indication as to what the cost of all of this will be to the consumer, but you can probably expect to pay a premium price for this premium service.

Here’s the full press release.


JOHANNESBURG, NOVEMBER 11th 2013 – Exciting changes have been happening at Nu Metro Cinemas that will bring a world class cinema experience to all its complexes in time for the December holidays.

By the end of November 2013 all 149 of the projectors at Nu Metro will be 100% digital, meaning their customers will now get the latest world class sound and visual experience as provided by their Belgium equipment partners Barco – the world leaders in cinema projection.

As part of this digital conversion Barco has also offered the use of three 3D sound systems. Called Auro, these 3 systems are 3 of only 150 in the world and give you the most unparalleled immersive sound experience. Auro is due for installation at the Nu Metro complexes in Hyde Park Johannesburg, Pavilion in Durban and at the V & A Waterfront in Cape Town in January 2014.

As part of this roll out process, Nu Metro is installing another 50 x 3D screens, equipped with RealD 3D technology, to its circuit across the country.

In addition to these exciting technology changes, Nu Metro launched a new VIP cinema concept called Scene. Customers at both Nu Metro V&A and Pavillion can enjoy this luxurious offering from today.

Scene – Nu Metro Cinemas’ new supreme luxury cinema and lounge. 

Selected screens in these complexes have been refurbished with luxurious  fully reclining leather chairs, offering plenty of space to watch your movie in ultimate comfort. 

Scene also boasts its own exclusive lounge where you can relax and enjoy a drink from the bar ranging from alcoholic beverages to fresh fruit juice, tea’s or coffee’s. Delicious light meals are also available from our exclusive menu, offering specialised, freshly prepared gourmet sandwiches, burgers platters and decadent desserts. For those with a sweet tooth and an eye on tradition, a wide range of confectionary popcorn and soda is still available. 

“Nu Metro Cinemas is a progressive cinema business with a true focus on delivering a premium entertainment experience. We will continue to innovate our offering so that South Africans get the world class cinema offering they deserve.” says Luke Roberts the Nu Metro Cinemas General Manager . “Our VIP offering, Scene, is the first of its kind in South Africa and a concept that has worked extremely well overseas.

Last Updated: November 12, 2013

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