Home Entertainment Ho ho holy sh*t! It's the first trailer for OFFICE CHRISTMAS PARTY! 

Ho ho holy sh*t! It's the first trailer for OFFICE CHRISTMAS PARTY! 

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Hey, it’s July, so you know what that means! Christmas! Wait… What?! Yes, every year it seems that the public gets bombarded by festive season marketing earlier and earlier. At the rate things are going, in a few years time I expect we’ll just have Boney M playing in malls for a full 365 days. Pah-ra-pah-pum-pum indeed.

Either way, it seems that Hollywood is now setting up its Yuletide efforts with upcoming ensemble comedy Office Christmas Party, which at least looks like some fun debauchery. Which I believe is what most real life office Christmas parties usually. Only heavy on the debauchery with added doses of post drunken broom closet coitus shame and that one guy that suddenly feels he needs to tell the boss exactly what he thinks of him after a couple of rounds of liquid courage.

I don’t know if these festive season tradition actually appear in Office Christmas Party, but what we do get is the really great comedic team of TJ Miller, Kate McKinnon, Jason Bateman and Olivia Munn getting involved with “drugs, alcohol and bad decisions“. So yeah, there will definitely be all kinds Christmas shenanigans.

The comedy follows Miller as “Clay Vanstone, the warmhearted president of a struggling branch of a tech company. The CEO happens to be his ruthless sister Carol (Jennifer Aniston), who is threatening to lay off all of Clay’s employees. Their father, who founded the family business, recently died, so power is up for grabs. To land a big client — as well as save the jobs of his employees and let off some steam — Clay teams with his right-hand man and chief technical officer Josh (Jason Bateman) to throw a blowout that would impress even Santa.”

Check out the first trailer below.

Office Christmas Party is directed by Will Speck and Josh Gordon, the same guys behind the hilariously dumb Blades Of Glory, so you should know what you’re in for here. It also stars Vanessa Bayer, and Rob Corddry, and is scheduled for release on December 9, 2016.

Last Updated: July 27, 2016

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