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Olivia Wilde talks TRON 3; explains delay and AI characters

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Despite it boasting a script holier than the Pope and character about as three-dimensional as a flat sheet of paper, there were still a few things to enjoy in Tron Legacy. Not least of which the fact that it was the greatest Daft Punk music video ever made (never forget: the great Oscar snubbery of 2011!). One of the movie’s other high marks was Olivia Wilde, who played Quorra, the “naturally occurring Isomorphic Algorithm” AI program that made it into the real world at the end of the movie. And if you didn’t understand anything of that last sentence then a rewatch may be in order.

It was recently revealed that Wilde would be reprising her role alongside Garret Hedlund’s Sam for the long-delayed, upcoming Tron 3, and the actress spoke to Collider about why it’s taken 5 years for the threequel to finally get the green light from Disney.

“The delay has only ever been story, finding the right story. It hasn’t been anything else. There’s never been a time where we wanted to go and then schedules got in the way. It’s only been like, ‘That’s not the right story.’ So, in the past year, the right story kind of came together and we felt, ‘Oh, this actually – this might be the right one to tell.’ And, you know, there’s still a lot to be done before it could actually happen, but the fact that there’s a goal of this year to start is really exciting.”

As anybody who watched the last film would know, story occasionally took a backseat to the film’s (admittedly jaw-dropping) flashy visuals, so the fact that they’re putting this much emphasis on it for the sequel is a great thing. Either that or it’s just taken them five years to come up with the little story they have. Eek.


Whatever the case, Tron 3 opens up some very interesting narrative opportunities, because for the first time in the franchise’s history, the whole “travel inside computers” thing has been turned around with a program making it out to the real world. Just what Quorra can do and where her story can take her, is one of the things that appealed to Wilde the most.

“I love this character of Quorra so much and I’ve built her with [director] Joe Kosinski and we took her such a long way from what was written to what we made. I mean, I fought for her to be this kind of androgynous child and that’s so not what you typically see in these movies, so I’m so grateful that the producers let me play with her and make her this strange little being. And I’m really excited to see what happens to that character when put into the real world. I think it’s an interesting concept. I’m fascinated by all discussions of AI, and especially now today and now with virtual reality becoming something that’s like a personal device, I think it’s the time to tell this story.”


And as for exactly when this story will actually be told, recent reports suggested that the film would finally start shooting in Vancouver, Canada in October, something that Wilde can kind of confirm.

“You know, I’ve heard the same. I think there’s a lot of people really excited to make it happen within Disney and in the world, and we’ve been dreaming of making it since we finished Legacy so I would be thrilled.”

It was recently rumoured that the threequel will be titled Tron: Ascension which is actually a great name, especially since it boasts some similarity with the Disney XD animated show, Tron: Uprising, which I still haven’t seen despite Darryn’s constant high-pitched nagging. Maybe I’ll finally get around that, now that a third Tron movie is no longer just a pipe dream.

Last Updated: April 20, 2015


  1. I really enjoyed Tron Legacy – was a fun piece of escapism cinema. Plus that soundtrack… **puts soundtrack on**

    And, of course, it had Olivia Wilde in it, whom I can never get enough of (that is impossible!)! Looking forward to seeing what they do with the 3rd movie.


  2. Matthew Holliday

    April 21, 2015 at 09:04

    olivia wilde my bae


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