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Own a piece of DREDD history today

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We all want to own something valuable, something that we can one day pass on to our children, or get valued on the Antiques Roadshow or Pawn Stars, before hocking it for travel cash. Movie memorabilia is one such piece of materialism that usually shows solid returns, and with some films these days hemorrhaging cash, there are plenty of them out there for the takings.

Cult favourite film of 2012 Dredd 3D is one such movie that will be selling off some excess goods, Here’s how you can get yourself some Mega City One gear, provided that your pockets are deep enough.

Later today, the Prop Store will be launching day one of their Dredd 3D eBay auction. Twenty items a day for the next ten days will be launched. If you’ve got enough scratch, here are a few of the items that you can snatch up, if you’re quick enough that is;

A full Judge outfit

Mama’s costume, as worn by Lena Headey

A Judge helmet

A Judge Lawgiver

A Judge Lawmaster motorcycle

Dammit, I’d do hard time in an Iso cube for one of those bikes from the film. The auction kicks off later today, and in case you haven’t seen Dredd 3D yet, make a plan to do so when you spot it on Blu-Ray. Filmed inside South Africa, the movie starred Karl Urban as the lawman, and happens to be one of the most unflinchingly dedicated comic book movies on the market today.

Last Updated: January 28, 2013

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