Pablo Larraín to helm the SCARFACE remake

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Looks like Universal Pictures has found a director for their Scarface remake, and it won’t be David “Harry Potter” Yates. 


Instead, it looks like Chilean director Pablo “No” Larraín will helm the film, giving the filmmaker his first high profile picture. Tony Montana will also be changing nationalities according to The Wrap, ditching his Cuban roots for a more Mexican upbringing.

Set in Los Angeles, Tony Montana will once again pursue the American dream, one line of coke at a time, as he rises up in the ranks of the criminal underworld. Producers are looking for an authentic Latino star for the role, which was made famous by Al Pacino in the original Brian De Palma film from 1983. That film itself is also a remake, believe it or not, of a 1932 movie of the same name that was directed Howard Hawks, although the performances were wildly different.

Expect development to pick up, once Larraín signs on for the remake.

Last Updated: March 25, 2014

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