Paradise PD (2)

Coordinated swimming cunnilingus. Playing god and creating a genetic freakshow abomination that can only speak in Dobby. The reveal of the Super Saiyan thin blue line. An ass-snake named Sprinkles. And that’s just the first five minutes of Paradise PD! Nobody was ever going to claim that Netflix’s animated cop show was aiming to create sophisticated humour thanks to its usage of toilet humour which set the bar so low that an Australian could use it to do pull-ups, but its second season somehow manages to eclipse that effort and then some.

You ever hear the phrase about scraping the bottom of the barrel for content? Paradise PD season 2 exists even further below that, in a realm of grimy barrel bottoms that can be found when you punch through the original wood to uncover this dank dimension. It is effortlessly gross, crude and unrepentant as it holds absolutely nothing back while preparing the fort for a legion of Disney lawyers who’ll be laying siege to its castle any day now.

And I freakin’ love it because of that.

Paradise PD is what would happen if Tex Avery was still alive and coked out on a combination of PCP and rat poison. If you thought its first season was pushing the boundary of good taste, season two doubles down on its premise and somehow manages to create even more absurdity along the way. Waco O’Guin and Roger Black’s creation is an unapologetic masterpiece of offensive good taste, but one with actual cunning that serves as a masterclass in knowing when and how to serve up a steaming pile of bad taste humour.

Paradise PD (4)

It’s a guilty pleasure cop show starring a motley cast of lunatics who are only slightly better than a police force staffed with horny gorillas, if only barely. Following on from the previous season, Paradise PD kicks off with the cast juggling a new status quo. Kevin has finally found the love of his parents thanks to him locking the wrong cop behind bars for the recent scourge of argyle meth in the town of Paradise, while the real dirty cop has formed a Legion of Doooom (Five Os so that DC Comics can’t sue) of Paradise’s most vile criminal scum to enact Operation DD. No spoilers yo.

From there, Paradise PD tells one long story (with many a wacky hijink between) of the Kingpin’s latest scheme, equal opportunity pay between genders and pissing on Walt Disney’s legacy. It’s a new season of utter insanity that’s bookended by a limitless energy for horny characters, the grossest possible humour and taking the piss out of everything possible.

Paradise PD (6)

That’s the real charm of Paradise PD, right there. Everyone and everything is fair game, but the show has its fun in a manner that never feels mean-spirited, unless it’s Tucker Carlson because screw that guy. What you have is a show that wants to tell you that it’s alright to laugh, it’s fine to look at the lunacy of the world today and have a giggle before the horrifying reality of everything sets in. It’s okay to be happy and to have a giggle at something so crude and rude.

Paradise PD (3)

It certainly also helps that Paradise PD’s story is told through the voices of some of the best actors in the industry today. You’ve got Dana Snyder pulling triple duty on three major characters and who knows how many others in the background, Spongebob himself Tom Kenny flexing his ability to be reasonably angry at a world that literally cost him his testicles and the best member of Scrubs, Sarah Chalke as Paradise’s best and most ultra-violent cop busting heads as she attempts to win the heart of her fellow officer Dusty.

Paradise PD (7)

Throw in Grey Griffin, David Herman and Lance Reddick in a recurring big ball energy roll and you’ve got a hell of a cast right there. Heck even the animation is surprisingly great, as the easy on the eyes art style allows for the cursed Koreans working on the show to animate everything from gruesome crime scenes featuring a cannibalistic cat to human flight achieved through violent diarrhoea.

Maybe that sums up Paradise PD’s latest season up well. On first appearance, it looks like an obvious attempt to grab the lowest hanging fruit on the tree and bake it into a pie of cheap gags for shits and giggles. It…kind of is, but that’s the whole point and charm of a show which will surprise you with just how good that bad taste pie smells when it comes out of the oven.

Paradise PD (5)

Look past the easy jokes and there’s a fun show here, one that isn’t afraid to be what it wants to be but is clever enough to know that if you’re going to make fun of everyone then you need to do it with the subtlety of a jackhammer to the urethra. In an age where comedy across multiple genres and mediums feels a little clever for its own good while attempting to huff a bottle of its own farts, Paradise PD is a refreshing blast of the obvious from an air cannon of animation anarchy.

Last Updated: March 9, 2020

Paradise PD Season 2
Paradise PD’s second season is intelligently stupid, cunningly crude and it leaps headfirst off the bleeding edge of good taste straight into a chasm of shits ‘n giggles. Long may it stay there in an abyss that few dare to tread in.


  1. I got hit with that poop stick because I enjoyed the crap out this the weekend.

    Nice review.


  2. Original Heretic

    March 9, 2020 at 11:39

    This is a show I started watching just to kill time.
    Then got hooked!


  3. CrAiGiSh

    March 9, 2020 at 13:24

    This show and Big Mouth are pushing the limits … XD


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