Patrick Hughes to direct the remake of THE RAID

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Action films have been lacking a certain something as of late. They’ve lost that edge, that Van Damme right bicep that adorns his movie posters, that feeling of wanting to imitate the dangerous lunacy that you see on the screen. But in 2012, one movie gave the genre the kick to the face that it needed.

That film was The Raid: Redemption, a low budget Indonesian action flick that packed more action than was scientifically possible into its 100 minute running time. This was a movie that ended sentences with exclamation points made from flying arm bars and knee to the face takedowns. So naturally, it needs a US remake. From an Expendable director.

Patrick Hughes will be sending a team of cops into a dilapidated building filled with gangsters in his English remake of Dredd 3D The Raid, once he wraps up on his current projects according to The Wrap. Hughes is currently working on the third Expendables movie, which will see Sly Stallone and his primary cast reunite for another bout of constantly running out of ammo and 30 second cameos from the past.

Brad “Out of the furnace” Ingelsby will write the script for this remake, which will retell the story of the first film. Meanwhile, Raid originale director Gareth Edwards is busy wrapping up work on the sequel to the original movie, The Raid 2: Berandal, which most critics are already claiming to be the best action movie ever made. I do not envy Hughes right now, and the size kickass shoes that he has to fill for this remake.


Last Updated: February 21, 2014

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