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Paul McGuigan is going to build a monster in FRANKENSTEIN

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Dracula ain’t the only classic movie monster getting a new film, or several, in the near future. Doctor Frankenstein and his abomination of a monster are also headed back to the silver screen, in a movie that examines what happened that stormy night from the hunched perspective of Igor.

Shawn “Real Steel” Levy was originally in talks to helm the project, but it looks like he’s been chased out by an angry mob, leaving Paul McGuigan to take on the Mary Shelley classic.

Working on a script from Max “Chronicle” Landis, Fox is apparently eager to get the ball rolling before the bubble on monster movies finally bursts, and have McGuigan locked in for final negotiations right now.

It’s not the only Frankenstein movie in development, as Aaron Eckhart will lead the charge in I,Frankenstein, next year February, that also has a different take on the characters from the very first horror novel.

And after earning some well deserved recognition for his work on the BBC Sherlock mini-series, it’ll be interesting to see how McGuigan handles this one.

Last Updated: September 6, 2012

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