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Paul W.S. Anderson looking to make a MONSTER HUNTER movie

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Monster Hunter

So the man that gave us the first Mortal Kombat and Resident Evil movies (two of the better video-game movie adaptations), Paul W. S. Anderson, is looking to adapt another popular video game franchise, Monster Hunter. Well at least popular in China and Japan if the official sales figures are anything to go by. It’s not a game that has made much of a dent on sales figures outside of those countries, but remains a popular title on current Nintendo consoles. Special thanks to Deadline for first reporting the news.

I’m not too familiar with the series myself (unless anyone has a Nintendo DS to lend me), but Monster Hunter is a JRPG developed by Capcom that sees you going around and collecting and fighting monsters in a surprisingly vast and deep world. Kind of a bit like Pokemon, but darker and something more appealing to adults. Though considering the average age of a Pokemon Go player was in their 20s, I don’t think that matters anymore.

You can see some game-play footage below, if like me, you needed to brush up on what it’s all about:

So while I don’t know much about the game itself, I do like its look and style and particularly that of the different creatures which seem very well thought out. I have no doubt that Anderson is going to have a lot of fun trying to bring this movie to life.

There is no word yet on what to expect from the script or even if they have anyone tasked with writing one yet. But I’m keen to see what they are going to come up with. And will have popcorn ready for the complaints of whitewashing that will inevitably follow once they cast western actors to make it appeal to the rest of the world.

The tagline for the game is below, which will probably be what the movie is going to try and replicate as well:

For every Monster, there is a Hero. An ordinary man in a dead end job discovers that he is actually the descendant of an ancient hero. He must travel to a mystical world to train to become a Monster Hunter, before the mythical creatures from that world destroy ours.

Last Updated: November 22, 2016

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