Photographer And Cosplay Join Forces For Classic Horror Scenes

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I’m still not sold on the cosplay thing. To me, dressing up like Spider-Man because you like him is something you do at age 5, not 45. Remember when everyone saw The Matrix, bought leather trench coats and wore them even in the middle of summer? That was cosplay too, though purists will certainly disagree. That said, some people take cosplay seriously enough to be really good at it and I’m certain many really don’t give a damn about which characters they portray, as long as they can create really awesome costumes. Really, of the people who show up all kitted out at ComicCon, have half of them ever even picked up a comic? Doubtful – they just waited for the movie adaptations.

But diatribe aside, cosplay itself is not a bad thing and when done right can be really, really impressive. Point in case are the photos by photographer and graphic artist David Love, who collaborated with well-known cosplayer Callie Cosplay to create a series of horror-themed photos. Apparently Callie wanted to do a few Carrie shots, but once Love got a hold of the idea they expanded it to Friday the 13th, Halloween, The Ring and even The X-Files.

The photos were shot at Love’s studio and then enhanced through Photoshop. To see more of these, head over to his official website.






Last Updated: September 12, 2014


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