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Pixar is helping Jon Favreau build his MAGIC KINGDOM

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Jon Favreau may have vacated the director’s chair on Iron Man 3, but that doesn’t mean he’s out of the directing game entirely. He has a number of projects in the pipeline, including Jersey Boys, the Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons biopic.

But there’s one pet project though that Favreau has been working on for a while now, the Disney adventure film, Magic Kingdom, and as he revealed to CraveOnline, it’s taking a bit longer because it’s a team effort.

“I went back to back to back with three movies in a row, ‘Iron Man’, ‘Iron Man 2′ and ‘Cowboys & Aliens’, all of them with release dates announced as I walked in. As I cracked the script for the first time we already knew the date and the poster, in some cases the cast. On this one, ‘Magic Kingdom’ is a big film. It’s a very special piece of intellectual property with all the characters from the park and the legacy of Walt Disney.”

“What we’ve been doing is writing a script, going up to Pixar, meeting with the brain trust, coming back down, bringing on artists, story editors and putting it together as though it were an animated film so that by the time we actually film it, we’ll have a rock solid story. I don’t want to rush anything. I want this thing to be perfect. I want it to be one shot one kill, like a sniper. I want to make sure this movie’s right in the crosshairs that we can really knock it out of the park so to speak.”

The “we” that Favreau is referring to, is him and Ronald D. Moore of Battlestar Galactica and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine fame. According to Favreau, he traditionally science-fiction themed writer will be trying his hand at some family fantasy adventure this time around, and hopefully adding some some innovative spins to it.

“It’s going to be a family in the [Disney theme] park. It’s an alternate reality version of the park that they get launched into. So much of it is just how it weaves together as a tapestry and what the visuals look like in creating this rich world. It’s informed by everything that I remember and know about the park from going there since I was a small child.”

And if you’re wondering when we’ll get to see this new alternate reality Disneyland, well, lets just say that I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you.

“Fortunately there’s no rush on it. I’ve been working on it as a writer now and we’re looking forward to beginning that long lead prep as you would on an animated film. Then you work your way to where you know what the whole movie is going to be before you ever roll camera. You actually watch it as the Pixar people do and actually watch it on a screen and evaluate it before you ever roll camera.”

As frustrating as it is for the audience to have to wait, I applaud them for taking a measured approach. Too many films rush into production before they know what they’re really setting out to do COUGH*MIB3*COUGH and suffer because of it. Favreau’s own Cowboys and Aliens could have been a far better film with just a little bit more spit and polish, so I completely understand where he’s coming from.

Last Updated: July 27, 2012

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