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Prepare for the end in this new trailer for STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS – THE LOST MISSIONS

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Clone Wars

It’s weird how some of the best Star Wars content available, doesn’t come from the source movies. I’ve long championed the fact that Star Wars: The Clone Wars is the superior wielder of the Force, as it captures the fun and spirit of the original trilogy, with the razamatazz visuals of the prequel films. Hell, they even make Jar Jar Binks bearable, which is scientifically impossible.

Netflix is closing the door on that series with the final 13 episodes that comprise season six AKA The Lost Missions. And the Force runs strong through them, thanks to this new trailer.

Previewing the long-awaited final episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, this trailer offers a glimpse into the various story arcs of The Lost Missions. Yoda communes with Qui-Gon Jinn and is sent on a journey; Jedi Master Plo Koon discovers Sifo-Dyas’ lightsaber and a clue to the creation of the clone army; Count Dooku looks to protect the secret of Order 66; Anakin Skywalker rescues Padmé Amidala; and Mace Windu battles multiple foes.

Dammit LucasFilm, where is Ahsoka! I need more footage of my favourite Jedi padawan who has left the order! As far as storylines go, the Lost Missions looks like it has it all. Yoda journeying to the Sith homewrold of Korriban. Count Dooku protecting the secret of Order 66, the creation of the clone army revealed and more. I genuinely can’t wait for this series to be back. If you haven’t seen the Clone Wars yet, then fret not.

Netflix will have the entire saga up when season six airs, so grab several buckets of popcorn, throw off your oppressive pants and sit down for the mother of all marathons. When The Clone Wars finally ends, it’ll pave the way for a new series, that goes by the name of Star Wars: Rebels. And I like what I’m seeing so far.


Last Updated: February 25, 2014

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  1. I am still not entirely happy with all the plots, where they kind of change cannon sometimes.

    but I love the series!


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