Raiding the Lost Ark is complete and available for free

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An argument can easily be made (most probably by me) that Raiders of the Lost Ark is the most perfect adventure film ever made. One of those incredible pieces of cinema that was a smash hit both commercially (highest grossing film in the year of it’s release) and critically (nominated for 8 Oscars, won 4), it has firmly taken it’s rightful place near the top of the heap in cinematic history.

Now, with Raiding the Lost Ark, filmmaker Jaime Bening offers the most comprehensive look at Steven Speilberg and Geroge Lucas’ masterpiece. Calling it a “filmumentary”, this long in development project is comprised of “behind the scenes video, audio commentary from cast and crew, reconstructed deleted scenes, a subtitled fact track and excerpts from the 1978 story conference”, all spliced in with footage of the film itself.  And it’s now finally complete and available online for free in it’s total 2 hour and 23 minute glory.


P.S. Please note, that If you are one of those fun-haters that doesn’t like Raiders, then you and I simply cannot be friends. I’ll group you in with those people that also kick puppies and rob old ladies of their knitting.

Last Updated: February 7, 2012

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