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Robert Pattinson is going to get Blacklisted looking for Saddam Hussein

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Is it just me or is Robert Pattinson trying his damndest to wash off all glittery traces of his Twilight fame by taking on much more mature and meatier roles. Judging from the trailers for David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis, he’s already looking to tackle slightly more… shall we say, eccentric material.

And now he’s getting all real-world terror, by taking on the lead role in Mission: Blacklist, the true story of US Department of Defense interrogator, Eric Maddox, and how he spearheaded the search for Saddam Hussein.


The film will be directed by Jean-Stéphane Sauvaire, whose previous (and first) feature directorial effort, Johnny Mad Dog, won the Prize of Hope at Cannes in 2008.  He will be working off a script by Band of Brothers writer Erik Jendresen, who will be adapting Maddox’s own non-fictional novel of the same name about the entire affair.

Producer Ross M. Dinerstein described the film as follows:

“This movie is a gripping, edge of your seat thriller. I have been inspired by Robert and Jean-Stéphane’s dedication to tell this story in the most authentic way possible…”

We’ve never really seen Pattinson (I don’t care what the tabloids say, I refuse to call him R-Patz) in movie like this, so it will be interesting to see him take this on.

Here’s the official synopsis of the novel taken from Amazon:

Everyone has seen the footage: a heavily bearded Saddam Hussein blinking under the bright lights of infantry cameras, dazed to find himself in U.S. Army custody. Yet while the breaking news was broadcast around the world, the story of the remarkable events leading up to that moment on December 13, 2003 has never before been fully told.

Mission: Black List #1 offers the full, behind-the-scenes account of the search for Saddam Hussein, as related by the Army interrogator whose individual courage and sheer determination made the capture possible. In July of 2003, Staff Sergeant Eric Maddox was deployed to Baghdad alongside intelligence analysts and fellow interrogators. Their assignment was clear: gather actionable intelligence – leads that could be used to launch raids on High Value Targets within the insurgency.

But, as Maddox recounts, hunting for the hidden links in the terrorist network would require bold and untested tactics, and the ability to never lose sight of the target, often hiding in plain sight. After months of chasing down leads, following hunches and interrogating literally hundreds of detainees, Sergeant Maddox uncovered crucial details about the insurgency. In his final days in Iraq he closed in on the dictator’s inner circle and, within hours of his departure from the country, pinpointed the precise location of Saddam’s Tikrit spider hole. Maddox’s candid and compelling narrative reveals the logic behind the unique interrogation process he developed, and provides an insider’s look at his psychologically subtle, non-violent methods.

The result is a gripping, moment-by-moment account of the historic mission that brought down Black List #1.

Last Updated: May 3, 2012

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