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ROBOCOP kicks off the viral campaign with a visit from Ed

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If there’s one thing that I loved about the original Robocop, it was ED-209, a walking tank with ostentatious features, a lion growl and a staggering weakness for flights of stairs.

With Reboot-Cop on the way, it just wouldn’t be the same without the lovable lumbering disaster. Which you can see for yourself when you hit the jump below. YOU HAVE TEN SECONDS TO COMPLY!

The viral marketing campaign for the Jose Padilha film kicked off on the weekend, with ol’ Ed there being revealed, along with this video, which gives the slightest of glimpses at Joel Kinnamans’ Robocop.

I’m pretty certain that we observed a cyber-bicep there. Starring Gary Oldman, Samuel L. Jackson and Hugh Laurie, Robocop is still headed for an August 2013 release date.

Meanwhile, the OmniCorp site has some more info for us hungry consumers;

For a half-century, these words have set the framework upon which OmniCorp has aimed to build a brighter world.

We don’t do passive technology. At OmniCorp, our solutions generate a beacon of safety that we shine upon on the dangers of the day. No matter the obstacle – political, cultural, philosophical – we pursue our convictions around the globe to secure peace of mind at home. And when this requires bold new direction, we never allow doubt to shrink our duty. When your quality of life is in the balance, our leadership team will tip the scales.

Our products have elevated your lives. Our people have inspired your future. Our passion will always be at your side.

Don’t bother clicking further, you’ll just be hit with a big fat, ACCESS DENIED text wall. Although if your eyes are sharp enough, you’ll notice some sleek shoulder armour on that page.

So what do you think of these visual teasers so far? Will the updated Robocop at least look kick-ass to you, or do those designs smell too much like Transformers?

Last Updated: July 9, 2012


  1. PsyChoPanthis

    July 9, 2012 at 09:17

    ED looks epic!!


  2. James Francis

    July 9, 2012 at 09:36

    Hmmm, a bit disappointed in the ED design. It looks like yet another mech design – nothing special. The original was designed with an actual metaphor in mind: it resembled the shape of a Huey helicopter, which was a tip towards american aggression in Vietnam. In fact, Ed-209 was named after Robert Mcnamara, the U.S. secretary of defence at the time and the architect of the Vietnam war. 

    Robocop has a lot of these little touches and I think it’s one of the reasons why it became such a well-rounded film. If the new movie’s creators are simply doing something because it will look cool, I have serious doubts about the final product. 


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