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Roger Rabbit is framing it up in an anniversary Blu-ray release!

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Can you believe that it’s already been 25 years since a certain wascally wabbit played havoc with Bob Hoskin’s temper and blood pressure? Yep, Roger Rabbit is returning once more, just in time for a Blu-Ray DVD release, as the wacky rabbit once again has to get to the bottom of who the heck framed him!

Starring Bob Hoskins as a down on his luck detective with a mad-on for toons, the Robert Zemeckis directed flick was a huge leap forward in bringing the worlds of special and practical effects together.

Heck, it still looks fantastic to this day, and the sheer amount of cartoon cameos from Disney, Warner Bros and more, really gave the film that touch of charm. I mean, where else would you see Bugs Bunny and Mickey Mouse hanging out together, talking smack?

There’s no exact street date yet for the DVD, but seeing as how the original film was released in 1988, expect it early 2013, with a host of extras that includes some original shorts, starring the badly-drawn Jessica Rabbit.

And seeing as how a whole generation of kids have missed out on the wild antics of Roger, I say that it’s finally time that we traumatise them with Judge Doom and his “methods”.

Last Updated: July 5, 2012

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