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Celebrate two years of Apex Legends with this anniversary collection event

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I find it weird that Apex Legends has been around as long as it has. I still remember the day it just dropped out of nowhere, taking the world by storm, with no fanfare or trumpets. While it’s certainly not as popular as it was in that first month, it’s settled into a comfortable spot with a dedicated fanbase which is more than you can say for plenty of other battle royale games. To celebrate the game’s two year birthday, Respawn Entertainment has wrangled up a small in-game event to thank players for spending so much time in King’s Canyon, World’s Edge, and now Olympus.

The anniversary collection event will allow players to earn 22 new items, including two “event” packs and ten standard Apex Packs so you can net yourself some sweet new cosmetics. I imagine this event will function identically to previous events which offered players a unique rewards track and challenges to follow to get their event-exclusive rewards. Oh, and you’ll be given 5 rewards for simply logging in during the event although what those rewards are remains a mystery right now. Of course, this wouldn’t be an Apex Legends event without some paid for skins so Respawn has brought back 24 skins that have appeared in the game’s past and will be selling them again for the duration of the event. If you unlock all these skins, you’ll also be provided with 150 heirloom shards.

There’s also the limited-time game mode Locked and Loaded which will see players landing with a full set of level one gear and a Mozambique which means you’ll effectively be as useful as if you just dropped without the handheld shotgun already equipped. The event kicks off on 9 February and will close its doors on 23 February so you’ll have a decent amount of time to really sink you teeth into that reward track and game mode. Maybe you’ll even be able to complete a few with new hero Fuse who was just added into the game on Tuesday to kick off Season 8 – Mayhem.

Last Updated: February 5, 2021

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