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Apex Legends Season 8 gameplay trailer shows off Fuse in all his explosive glory

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We’ve known about new Apex Legend character Fuse for just over a week now thanks to a rather disappointing Stories from the Outlands trailer and a much better season 8 launch trailer a few days after. Yet the trailer that dropped for the game last night is our first indication of what he’ll be like to play as, while also showing off some of the additions to the game.

The gameplay trailer, themed like a schlocky 80’s action movie trailer (which I’m convinced was narrated by Jon Bailey, who does the voice in Honest Trailers) paints a picture of mayhem, which is exactly what Season 8 is going for.

As suspected, Fuse’s biggest abilities are an airburst grenade launched from his mechanical arm and an ultimate ability called “The Motherlode” which launches a missile that upon detonation ignites the ground with a circle of flame. It’s more an area-of-effect attack that probably won’t do a quick burst of damage but will allow players to break up squads and position themselves better. It seems similar to Bangalore’s ultimate but I imagine the effects will be more instantaneous and won’t result in a stun of some kind.


In terms of new toys, we also got our first look at the 30-30 repeater, to really bring that Old West touch to the Outlands. Gold magazines have also been added so if you’re a fan of the Spitfire or Devotion, be ready to reload once in a blue moon because you’ll be swimming in ammo if you equip one of those suckers.

Lastly, King’s Canyon has been destroyed yet again. This time it wasn’t Crypto hacking the arena’s shield barrier but rather Fuse’s childhood pal Maggie going for revenge. Slum Lakes has been flooded, Leviathan bones and skeletons litter the playing field, and it’s all just a big mess. Apex Legends Season 8: Mayhem kicks off on 2 February and if rumours are to be believed it will bring with it the release of the Switch version of the game.

Last Updated: January 27, 2021

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