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Apex Legends reveals Fuse, an explosive Aussie, as its next character

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Whenever I think I’ve managed to scrape myself away from Apex Legends, the devs at Respawn Entertainment always managed to pull me back in. This time around, it’s the introduction of Fuse, the game’s latest character who both fits the mold and breaks it at the same time. Announced in a Stories from the Outland cinematic trailer last night, Fuse is an Australian explosives expert from the planet Salvo and he certainly looks exactly how that sentence would lead you to imagine. Hey, why are Australians always just assumed to be explosive experts in games? Are we witnessing the birth of a cliche?

The actual reveal trailer for Fuse isn’t especially good. Given the excellent Pathfinder animated short “Fight Night” this was a little disappointing with messy cinematography and confusing direction. Still, the use of the golden grenade as a focal point throughout the story is a cool idea and might hint at a new type of explosive in the game. As far as Fuse’s abilities go, dataminers have unearthed that his active ability, Airburst Grenade, will launch an explosive with his robotic arm while his ultimate, The Motherlode, drops a fiery warhead into the arena.


With the next season starting on 8 February, we can also expect the addition of a new weapon: a lever-action rifle and will, of course, blow up King’s Canyon all over again. One has to imagine that Respawn will be dropping more nuggets of information on Fuse and the state of the game in the near future. We know that another Stories from the Outlands will be dropping on 2 February so expect more details then.

Last Updated: January 19, 2021

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