Roll for initiative! 20th Century Fox taps into some MAGIC: THE GATHERING for a feature film

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Man, forget about bible films taking over Hollywood because I’m betting some good money that high fantasy will be the next big money-maker. Warcraft is one such big budget foray into swords and sorcery on the way. And it looks like 20th Century Fox has…tapped the iconic card game Magic: The Gathering to also get the movie treatment.

According to THR, Magic: The Gathering has enough mana and lands to satisfy Fox that it’s worth investing a few million in. Simon “X-Men: First Class” Kinberg will be providing a screenplay for the proposed film. Launched in 1993 by game company Wizards of the Coast, the card game has players battling one another with various bits of the colourful pieces of paper, lands and tap-tapping and that’s about as much as I know. Yu-Gi-Oh cards for life yo.

Still, if it wasn’t for Magic then most massive card games would never have existed today as that particular title helped make the genre popular. Magic: The Gathering also has Stephen Davis, Brian Goldner and Greg Leeds serving as producers, with  Josh Feldman and Aditya Sood handling executive production.



Last Updated: January 14, 2014

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