Rooney Mara has a drug problem in this trailer for SIDE EFFECTS

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Steven Soderbergh may be planning on taking a break from film-making, but at least his sabbatical will go out with a bang. One of his current films that will be releasing before he takes some R and R is Side Effects, which stars Rooney Mara in a tale that urges everyone to pay attention to the small print on a bottle of tablets.

Trailer after the jump.

“Side Effects” is a psychological thriller set in the world of the pharmaceutical industry. A troubled woman (Mara) who is coping with the imminent release of her husband (Tatum) from jail begins to take a new prescription drug with unforeseen consequences.

There’s quite a few other Soderbergh faces in the mix here, such as Law, Tatum and Catherine Zeta Jones, and it looks like this might be another trademark thriller from the man.

Side Effects is out next year March.


Last Updated: November 5, 2012

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