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In the world of Japanese movie monsters, Godzilla is obviously king. The lizard with the atomic breath recently conquered Hollywood again in Gareth Edward’s massive reboot, which has led to him now being poised to tussle with another king in Kong. But Godzilla ain’t the only Kaiju on the reboot block, and this year one of his biggest rivals is getting his own modern  blockbuster: Gamera!

For those of you not up to speed on your Kaiju, Gamera is the one that looks like a giant turtle. Yes, a turtle. The monster has been around since the 1970’s in countless films, is able to fly with jets of flame from his shell (though landing is apparently hard) and is a mean gymnast. You know, this guy:

Oh, Japan. You so silly. Luckily your opinion of Gamera will most certainly change once you check out this incredible trailer for Gamera 2015, a big budget Japanese production that was unveiled at this weekend past’s New York Comic Con. This “pilot film” – as it was referred to – is not footage from the final film itself, but merely a proof of concept clip to show what director Katsuhito Ishii is aiming for. The most notable point is that all the monsters are completely rendered using CG, the first time a Gamera film has ever fully gone this route. And it looks awesome!

Check it out below.

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How damn badass is that?! I would watch the hell out of that full movie! Unfortunately, there’s no word at all yet as to exactly when this new movie, simply being referred to as Gamera for now, will actually release.

Last Updated: October 12, 2015

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