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First pics of Rupert Grint in SNATCH TV series

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When I first heard that they were looking to make Snatch into a TV series, I was a little unsure. Not so much at the idea, as I think there is potential in extending and converting the story into a TV show. But more just the brilliant cast from the film, which made it all work magically. Finding a group of actors who could portray it right would be incredibly difficult.

Then came the big news that Harry Potter’s Rupert Grint is set to produce and star as one of the leads in the series. Now although I’ve never been a big Potter fan, Grint is one of the actors that has always stood out as the more versatile of the leads and I think he could be great in a show like this. How he would look as a gangster/criminal, was top of many people’s minds though – and now we have the first set pics (from Twitter, which seems to be the trend these days) from the show to end all the curiosity.


And to be honest, it does look a little over the top. The whole bow-tie and waist-coat thing seems a little pretentious, but as know so little about the character, we may need to hold off on making any judgments until we see him in action. With a gun in hand though, he looks just fine.

Though based on the movie, the Snatch series will be based on a whole new world with completely new characters and only keeping the spirit of the original Snatch film in its setting and style. The series will be broadcast on the Sony streaming network Crackle, because apparently Snap and Pop weren’t interested… I apologise, that was bad.

Last Updated: September 28, 2016

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