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Ryan Reynolds and Jon Favreau are headed to THE BATTLE OF BONNEVILLE

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With human achievement hogging the news limelight, you can bet that more than one or two movie studios will be looking to highlight this in the near future.

Director Jon Favreau seems to be ahead of the curve right now though, because while his next movie isn’t about white guys jumping then plummeting to earth real fast, it will involve more racing, fast cars and competitive brothers.

Based on the true life tale of brothers Walt and Art Arfons, Battle for Bonneville will tell the tale of how the two siblings fought one another to be the first to set a land speed record, to break the speed of sound.

Competing against one another throughout their lives, Art eventually did accomplish the record, three times from 1964-65, with his custom built Green Monsters vehicle that utilised a jet engine, as it roared over the salt plains of Utah.

Jon Favreau has managed to tap Ryan Reynolds for what will presumably be the lead role of Art Arfons, with a script written by the Bourne Legacy brothers, Tony and Dan Gilroy. Wonder if they know a thing or two about competing?

Favreau is still busy casting for his next film, Jersey Boys, but seeing as how both projects involve fast cars, this could be one to watch.

Last Updated: October 15, 2012

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