Ryan Reynolds is all aboard for a sequel to a film that isn't even out yet

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He may have been a Green Lantern and a merc with a mouth, but the latest comic book role that actor Ryan Reynolds is busy with happens to be one that centers around the actor portraying the dead cop Nick Walker, who teams up with other deceased lawmen that work for the Rest In Peace Department, tracking down errant spirits and sending them on to the after-life.

Principal filming has just wrapped up, and Reynolds has already expressed a desire to do a sequel.

“I’m a little slurry right now,” Reynolds joked with the Playlist, having just finished work on the film in Boston, after having driven to New York to talk about his other film, Safe House.

“Being on set was incredible, because it’s a movie project that I’ve been with for years and believed in. Being able to stick with it is half the battle,” he says of the comic book adapted film.

Directed by Robert Schwentke, Reynolds character Nick Walker is joined by Jeff Bridges, a gunslinger from the old west who hunt down spirits who linger around on earth for too long, based on a story that was created by Peter Lenkov. Haunted by the fact that he was killed by another cop (Kevin Bacon) Walker can’t seem to let go of his death and is on the verge of breaking the R.I.P.D rule of non-interference in the living world.

“It’s not really even a full comic book series,” the actor says. “It’s just the one comic, the graphic novel. I’m hoping to be able to work with all those people again,” Reynolds said.

“It could be a franchise. It certainly is set up, plot-wise, for a sequel. But nobody’s signed on for that just yet. We would like it to be (a film series).”

R.I.P.D is only scheduled for release in June next year though, so sorry ladies, you’ll have to be a little bit more patient to see Reynolds topless again.

Last Updated: January 31, 2012

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